The General Reading test, featuring reading texts of about 2,150 to 2,375 words and the Academic Reading test consisting of 2,150 to 2,750 words, touches upon a variety of topics and is designed to test a wide range of reading skills including, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, reading for gist, realizing writers’ opinions, attitude, tone and purpose, skimming and understanding logical argument.


Each of the tests (General Test and Academic Test) has 3 sections and a total of 40 questions.


Both these tests require 60 minutes to complete. Texts and questions appear on a question paper which test takers can write on but not remove from the test room. All answers must be entered on an answer sheet during the 60-minute test. No extra time is allowed to transfer answers. Poor spelling and grammar are penalised. therefore care should be taken when writing answers on the answer sheet.


The band score boundaries are set in a manner that all test takers’ results relate to the same scale of achievement. Score conversion is set out below:


Average General Training Reading raw scores



Average Academic Reading raw scores

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